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Keep Active in Autumn

Don’t let that sudden nip in the air put your workout plans into hibernation. Instead take your exercise routine inside. You’ll find a substitute for almost every outdoor exercise activity….

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Golf and Chiropractic

Golf and chiropractic are a natural fit. For years, golf back pain has been accepted by golfers as some kind of badge of honour. But now golfers everywhere are beginning…

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Good friends contribute to your health and well-being.

Spending time with friends is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Studies show that healthy relationships make aging more enjoyable, lessen…

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Hip Stretch

The hips are another common problem area for people with arthritis. Get on your hands and knees on a mat or comfortable carpet. Extend one leg up and out behind…

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Simple Shoulder Stretch

To release shoulder and neck tension, follow the steps below; Stand tall and slide your left hand down the left side of your body. Raise your right shoulder as your…

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Get More Sleep

What can help you feel more energized during the day, improve your mood and even help you lose weight? Sleep! The body repairs and regenerates during sleep. Even calcium is…

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