Strengthening (cyclist series - 1 of 3)

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Pilates for Cyclists Class

Cycling is one of the most common pastimes amongst the amateur and elite athletes alike. Regardless of your level, however, cycling presents a unique set of physical demands on your body that no other exercise technique does. The postures and positions adopted during cycling force muscles and joints to work in ranges and dynamic positions that they rarely encounter during other activities, and often for hours at a time.

This class, which forms part of a series of Pilates for Cyclists classes, will train your muscles to work in these postures and ensure they are working at their optimal during your ride. Whether you enjoy weekend rides by the river or you’re a regular hill climber who rarely ventures out for less that 100km at a time, these Pilates classes will lead to better performance, fewer injuries and a much greater level of enjoyment from your cycling.

The exercises in this class can be repeated for as many reps as your body can tolerate for maximum effectiveness. If you experience pain or discomfort beyond the normal muscle fatigue you would expect from Pilates exercises, please stop and consult your health care professional for further advice.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of this class during your next ride!

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