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Pay per class option


Applies to all classes

‘New Class Member Assessment’ must be completed prior to commencing all classes except yoga

Health fund rebates apply under ‘Physiotherapy Group Therapy’ for Physio Pilates, Functional Conditioning and Strength & Conditioning Classes

Health fund rebates apply under ‘Exercise Physiology Group Therapy’ for Length & Strength Classes

Payment required at reception prior to attending class (check hours)

10 visit pass

15 week expiry


Applies to all classes

Health fund rebates may be claimed at completion of pass under ‘Physiotherapy Group Therapy’ for Physio Pilates, Functional Conditioning and Strength & Conditioning Classes, or ‘Exercise Physiology Group Therapy’ for Length & Strength Classes

Payment required at reception prior to attending class (check hours)


  • Bookings are essential for all classes
  • Bookings can be made online or via clinic admin team (phone, email or in-person at the clinic)
  • Payment is to be made prior to attending the class. Visit the clinic or phone the clinic admin team on 9743 2311
  • Maximum 8 clients per class
  • Cancellation Policy – If you cannot make your class, 2 hours notice is required. Please call, text or email the clinic admin team to cancel. For any unattended bookings (“No Shows”) or cancellations made under the 2 hour notice period, the full price of the class will be charged or 1 class taken from your class pass.  This is to ensure fair access to classes for all class members

What are the different types of classes?

Length & Strength Class

Instructor: Joe Nachar (Exercise Physiologist)

This class aims to strengthen your core, increase your range of motion and improve your balance, general function and reducing the likelihood of injury. Using a combination of stretching and strengthening to bring great results to his one-on-one clients, Joe has a wealth of experience in modifying movement, so you can be confident that he will accommodate your needs in this class and create good results.

Joe’s class is often described as a cross between Pilates and traditional Strength & Conditioning work, plus a whole lot of flexibility work thrown in as well! A great one for anyone wanting to improve their all round functioning.

Physio Pilates Class

Instructor: Naomi Lawson (Physiotherapist & APPI Certified Pilates Instructor)

Drawing on her physio skills and traditional Pilates techniques as taught by the Australasian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI), Naomi’s Physio Pilates class is designed to target the core areas of weakness and imbalance in the body, and aims to correct these weaknesses through a form of dynamic stabilisation. The aim is to retrain and recondition the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat low back pain and a range of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Exercises are done on mats with limited use of equipment. This allows you to easily replicate the exercises at home between classes.

The style of Pilates taught in these classes has been developed by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI). It was developed by and specifically for physiotherapists, and has a particular focus on aiding in rehabilitation in the clinical setting, and improving strength and performance for the prevention of injuries.

Functional Conditioning Class

Instructor: Nathan Ting (Physiotherapist)

This class is designed to improve your strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. Built around the basic fundamental movement patterns that every single human being should be able to do without even thinking (but most can’t), this is a class that will be beneficial to almost everybody.

Whether you want to fine tune your squat or simply carry a load of washing, the fundamentals covered in class will help reduce your risk of injury, increase your performance in the gym and at home.

The class incorporates a broader variety of exercises to a standard Pilates class to strengthen and stabilise a range of movements and body areas using small equipment and a different array of movements.

The Functional Conditioning class is a slightly lower intensity, more ‘entry level’ class compared to the Strength & Conditioning class.

Strength & Conditioning Class

Instructor: Reuben Pacheco (Physiotherapist)

This class is a slightly more advanced version of the Functional Conditioning class. Still incorporating functional movements with small equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls, the Strength & Conditioning class will raise the intensity a little more and get you working harder.

This class aims to further stabilise and support your body through the functional movements that you will put it through on a daily basis.


Instructor: Sara Laureti

Sara is a highly experienced yoga instructor who discovered that yoga brought balance to a chaotic time in her own life. For over 10 years she has been helping people discover those same benefits whilst improving their flexibility and core movements.

Sara’s class is a Vinyasa Flow style of class, so the movements are fairly traditional and freely moving. The class is perfect for anyone of any stage of yoga experience, as Sara will modify and adapt the class to each member to ensure you gain the most benefit

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