Naomi is the co-owner of Pinnacle Spine & Sports, alongside husband Ian. Originally joining the team of practitioners in 2015 after child #3, she launched our physiotherapy service and implemented a Pilates-based approach to rehabilitating and strengthening many of our patients following recovery from their injuries.

After graduating in 2003, Naomi spent the first 11 years of her physio career working in the public hospital system, primarily in the stroke and neurological rehab wards. Through dealing with concerned patients and their families suffering from these debilitating disorders, she further developed her already empathetic nature and is able to create a great rapport very quickly with all of her patients.

Naomi now has 4 beautiful sons at home, and teaches our Physio Pilates classes on Wednesday mornings at The Pinnacle Studio. She is also available for one-on-one consultations around these classes. With 4 boys to look after there’s not much time for any headspace, but when she does get the chance she loves to hit the gym, go walking, or enjoy a nice Shiraz and a good Netflix show on the lounge.

Naomi is passionate about seeing people get out of pain and reach their full potential. Come and see her and chat about how she can help you to find your pinnacle.