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Pectorals – Spiky Ball

The pectoral muscles (consisting of pec major and minor) are found at the front of the chest, and are frequently tight in people who spend a lot of their day at a computer (which is most of the population!) Being seated in this position for hours on end causes the shoulders to roll forward and […]

Plantar Fascia – Spiky Ball

The plantar fascia is a thick layer of connective tissue on the underside of the foot. It frequently becomes tight, often with no apparent cause, and is the primary contributor to ‘plantar fasciitis’, a condition where the fascia in the foot becomes inflamed and aggravated. Excessive weight-bearing activity and fallen arches have both been linked […]

Posterior Deltoid – Spiky Ball

The deltoid muscle is part of the shoulder – it’s like the “cap” over the top of the shoulder joint that gives it the rounded appearance. The posterior (or “back/rear”) part of the deltoid commonly gets tight with overuse, typically with excessive lifting or activites that involve stabilising the shoulder for long periods, such as […]

Rhomboids – Spiky Ball

The rhomboids are a group of muscles that run between the shoulder blade and the spine on each side. Similar to the upper trapezius muscles, they frequently become tight in people who spend long hours at the computer or in a seated posture. Excessive activation of these muscles in repetitive lifting movements is also responsible […]

Upper Gluteals – Spiky Ball

The gluteals muscles (aka the “glutes”, or the bum muscles) consist of 3 main muscles – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Glute tension is common in people doing lots of activity such as running or gym work involving lots of squatting. But far from being a condition that only affects athletes, glute tension […]

Upper Trapezius – Spiky Ball

The trapezius muscle is divided into 3 parts – upper, middle and lower. By far, it is the upper trapezius region that experiences the highest degree of increased tension of the three. It’s the area that almost everyone has tightness in when you poke your thumbs into the back of their neck & shoulders. There […]

Hamstrings – Spiky Ball

The hamstrings are just about the most commonly tight area of the body. Made up of 3 main muscles (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus), the “hammies” are a source of pain and immobility in a large proportion of the population. Whilst commonly tight in people who do a lot of physical exercise such as running, […]

How can chiropractic help the elderly?

By Grant Colombo | Chiropractor Ageing is a process we all experience during our lives. There are certain changes that occur to the human body as we age which can cause discomfort, frustration, and reduced functionality. These changes occur at different rates in each individual and some may be more predisposed to experiencing certain changes […]

Case Summary: 65yo woman with frozen shoulder

These case summaries are examples of real people treated here at the clinic (names changed for privacy). They are not an exhaustive study of the whole condition, merely an opportunity for you to see the sort of things that we have been able to help with in the past, and how we may be able […]

Baby-induced shoulder pain in new mums!

By Naomi Lawson | Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor We are so delighted to have a gorgeous, smiley, very content little 7 month old in our house at the moment. But he is MASSIVE!! Off the charts for length and weight and not looking to stop in a hurry as he’s discovered the wonderful world of […]