The hamstrings are just about the most commonly tight area of the body. Made up of 3 main muscles (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus), the “hammies” are a source of pain and immobility in a large proportion of the population. Whilst commonly tight in people who do a lot of physical exercise such as running, the hamstrings commonly get tight in people who sit for long periods of the day, due to the shortened position that bending the knees puts the hamstrings into.

Proper assessment by a health professional is highly recommended if you do suffer from hamstring tension, as there may be a muscle imbalance or other movement issue that needs to be addressed in order to stop the condition from getting worse or causing flow-on effects to other parts of the body.

Using the spiky ball as shown in the video above can help to give relief of hamstring tightness, and may help to keep painful symptoms at bay until a longer term solution can be found if necessary.