Japanese/Ki Yoga

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Yoga Class

Japanese Yoga is a more intense and active form of yoga (also known as Ki yoga, Meridian yoga, Therapy Yoga, Shinshin-Toitsu-Do and Okido). It is different to other forms of yoga in that it works with the same meridians in the body as acupuncture and zen shiatsu. This means it works with the organs in the body at a much deeper and therapeutic level by stimulating energy of the body’s pathways. Japanese yoga also includes modern exercise science techniques and some elements from martial arts.

There is not a large focus on poses such as Sun Salutations, Downward Dogs, Triangles, Windmills or even Tree Poses. The work is done on the mat mostly supine or prone and works on the internal organs as much as the external muscles. There is a large focus with working with the spine.

In this class Olivia works on getting movement through the spine, releasing the sides, opening up the hips and strengthening the back as a whole. Make sure you have ample space around you before starting this class, and prepare to get your body moving! We hope you enjoy it.

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