As part of our ongoing commitment to providing real solutions to your back pain, neck pain or pain and dysfunction in other areas, our physiotherapist runs Pilates classes aimed at improving your condition.

So what is Physio Pilates all about? I’ll hand it over to our physio Naomi to help explain!


Naomi Lawson – BAppSc (physio)

Most people exist with a suboptimal level of function in their muscles. These imbalances, over time, are often the cause of injuries and the reason why, despite acute treatment, injuries don’t improve, or further injuries occur. So once a person is out of pain, this does not mean a problem has been fixed.

But everybody stresses and favours their bodies in different ways depending on posture, occupation, exercise choices and a range of other influences. Rehabilitation needs to be aimed at strengthening the suboptimal areas, while preventing the overactive areas from working harder. At the focus of this needs to be core strengthening to allow your centre to be strong enough to allow your body to move around it. In order to achieve this, a person needs to be assessed with a range of postural and muscular assessments to determine the program most appropriate for them.

Physio Pilates then becomes a tailored program within a class setting because the physiotherapist knows each person’s function individually and so can progress and focus the class as most appropriate.  My training is through the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) which equipped me with the assessment and class planning skills to ensure you will gain the most benefit from the classes.

One hour classes are attended weekly with a series of matwork exercises, incorporating small pieces of equipment to further specialise exercises. Participants are progressed weekly as suiting to their functional progression and with quality of movement being the focus, participants are never progressed before they are functionally able to. A six week starter course gives you the chance to learn the exercises and start to see the benefit this core strengthening can have in your rehabilitation. Research suggests that most people require 8-10 weeks of Pilates to see a measurable change to their function, but here at the clinic we see people improving right from the outset.

Sometimes all it takes is getting started on something, to see the change. Why not come see us in the clinic for more information or book in for an assessment with me and we can discuss how your function can be optimised through Pilates.

Hope to see you in the clinic soon!

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