(last updated Mon 1 June, 2020)

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 coronavirus has rocked the world as we know it. Many of you are probably wondering whether we are still open, and what we’re doing to mitigate the risk.

Recent changes we’ve made (apart from the notice below):

  • MASSAGE IS BACK! At the start of the pandemic outbreak we decided to temporarily suspend our remedial massage service. However, in line with recent recommendations and a decrease in new cases, we have decided to start this service back up again.
  • We’re still delivering online Pilates, Functional Stability and Yoga classes via Zoom video conferencing, and we have now launched ‘Pinnacle Digital’. This provides online access to stream or download a range of classes.
  • We’ve introduced ‘telehealth’ appointments – ie. appointments via video link so you can discuss your condition, talk through recommendations with a therapist and review exercises etc. This will be most useful for those undergoing physio care, particularly in the rehab & exercise phase of your care
  • We’ve introduced a videolink workstation ergonomic setup appointment type, for those of you who want one of our expert practitioners to assess your computer setup and get it set correctly for you (particularly useful if you’re working from home during this time)
  • We’re continuing to keep patients spaced out in the appointment book so there’s less face-to-face contact time with other people at the clinic

In the interest of time, below is a notice we put out at the commencement of the new regulations kicking in, for your perusal.

The advice seems to be changing on a daily basis, but for now we’re open!

Keep checking back for updates as they come in, but until then we look forward to seeing you here and continuing to look after you!