Exercise Physiology

Once the champagne stopped flowing and the smoke of the fireworks had well and truly cleared, most Australians turned their minds towards 2015, and of course their new years resolutions! If you’re like most Aussies, you probably made some sort of plan to get healthier, fitter, stronger, more productive, wealthier, less busy, de-stress, happier, travel more or all of the above! But how do you go about it, now that you’ve set those health goals?

Here’s our 5 tips on how to achieve your health and fitness goals.

1) Set small, manageable goals. If you haven’t been active in a while, getting back into a physical activity routine may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Set yourself small, achievable goals such as walking the kids to school instead of driving, and meeting a friend for a walk rather than a coffee. By easing your way back into being active, you’ll gain a real sense of achievement as you meet your goals, and this will motivate you to keep going.

2) Make it a habit. The more you look for opportunities to be active, the easier it becomes – and then it will be a habit to walk instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the lift, and play with the kids at the park instead of just watching. By forming a healthy habit, being active becomes an automatic part of your routine, rather than an inconvenience.

3) Be prepared. Being prepared makes it easier to follow through – even something as simple as putting your walking shoes next to your bed so you know where they are – then all you have to do is put them on and you’re ready to go.

4) Be flexible. While it’s important to set goals, there will be days when you struggle to fit in a walk, or you’re simply too tired. Instead of missing out altogether, try modifying your goal – if it’s raining outside and you aren’t able to go for a walk, pop on an exercise DVD, or do some star jumps in the living room. Every bit counts!

5) Reward yourself. As you achieve your goals, it’s important to reward your efforts – whether it’s a relaxing soak in the bathtub (without the kids interrupting!), or seeing a new movie. By rewarding yourself you’re acknowledging your achievements, and this will motivate you to keep going.

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