Olivia is a Japanese Yoga instructor however she also teaches Yin Yoga and is a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. As a Buteyko practitioner, she teaches breathing exercise to help with improving sports performance, panic attacks, anxiety and asthma symptoms.  

At Pinnacle she will be teaching our Japanese Yoga classes also known as Ki Yoga or Ryoho which is the most practiced form of yoga in Japan. Japanese Yoga is a very therapeutic form of yoga which works with the same meridians as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a dynamic and vigorous style which changes with the seasons and focuses on clearing out the internal organs.  

If you are looking for a class that moves quicker then the traditional yoga classes then this is the one for you. Japanese Yoga will get the heart rate moving and the body buzzing as it helps to balance out your body from the inside. Note – This class will not be suitable for pregnant women without doctors clearance and is suitable from ages 12 and up.

You can find out more information about Olivia and about Japanese Yoga at her website: www.yogamotion.com.au

Olivia’s classes at The Pinnacle Studio are held:

  • 1pm – Tuesdays