Progressing to pointe can be one of the most daunting yet rewarding times in a young ballet dancer’s journey. This artform, whilst incredibly graceful to watch, is not a particularly natural positioning or movement for the human body. Ensuring the young dancer’s body is ready for the rigours of pointe training is vital.

Our physios have undergone specialised training to assess the essential components required for the progression to starting en pointe. Everything from foot & ankle mobility, turnout range and lower limb flexibility through to ankle stability, foot control and hip/pelvic stability are assessed. We will then determine the necessary steps and exercise regime required to prepare your body for this stage.

It’s important to remember that most young dancers require further strengthening and/or flexibility work before being ‘passed’ to progress to pointe, and we will guide you through each step of the process.

We also report back to your dance school or teacher along the way, keeping them in the loop with your progress and ensuring they are aware of where you’re at.

Starting en pointe before the body is ready for it can be incredibly detrimental down the track. Book your 30 minute pre pointe assessment with one of our physios today and ensure that this exciting step is taken with due care & proper management.

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