If there’s ever a time in your life when your body undergoes huge changes in a short space of time, it’s during pregnancy. Recovering back to your pre-baby level of function can be hard – both physically and emotionally.

Pinnacle’s very own postnatal Pilates & wellness programme is designed by our physiotherapist (and mum of 4) Naomi, and is specifically tailored for those in the 6 weeks to 12 months period after bub has arrived. It is intentionally designed to cater for bringing your bub with you so you don’t need to arrange care for the little one.

Course Structure

The programme encompasses a combination of Pilates, mindfulness and an educational session on one of 8 different topics pertinent to this stage of life. A typical class looks a bit like this:

  • 35 mins of postnatal Pilates
  • 5 mins of mindfulness & focus time
  • 10-15 mins of education on one of 8 different postnatal topics, covering one each week (eg. abdominal separation, good postures & advice for feeding & bathing, incorporating exercise into your daily routine, etc.)

Although we run through the educational component on an 8-week cycle, it is not designed as a course that you have to attend for 8 consecutive weeks. If you can, great! If not, the more you can get to the better. Just get there when you can, we know what life is like with a little one.

When is it run?

10:30am on Tuesdays. Our next course is scheduled to commence on Tues 26 October, 2021.

(We’re always open to running classes at different times though, so if you and some friends want to do it together and there’s a different time that suits you, let us know! (Mother’s group activity, anyone?) We’ll see what we can do to accommodate.

One-on-one appointments for pre-assessment available during Naomi’s consulting hours during the week (click here to see availability through online bookings).

You don’t need to start at “week 1”, as the 8 educational sessions at the end will just cycle around and you can start at any point. You just need clearance from your obstetrician or GP, and the initial assessment with Naomi prior to commencing the classes.

What does it cost?

  • One-on-one pre-screening with physiotherapist (20 min): $50 (health fund rebates apply as an initial physiotherapy consultation)
  • Pay per week: $30/session
  • Pay for 8 week programme up-front: $216 (10% discount). 11 week expiry so you’ve got a few spare weeks in reserve
  • Classes (whether paid per week or up-front) eligible for health fund rebates as ‘physiotherapy group therapy’ sessions


  • “Can I bring my baby along with me?” – Definitely! The class is designed around having your baby with you. Not a lot of the exercises are specifically done with your baby, but there is plenty of room for them to sleep/play/have tummy time on a mat or in a bouncer next to you.
  • “Do you have room for prams?” – Yes, there is ramp access and ample room for pram parking in our studio. If we should have an influx of prams there’s always plenty of parking space at the clinic, which is just 2 doors down from the studio.
  • “Do I need to bring my own bouncer etc?” – Yes. We are limited in storage space so we can’t keep equipment such as bouncers, mobiles, play-mats etc at the studio. Bringing your own also ensures the best standard of hygiene & health for your bub.
  • “Do I need to do the assessment with the physio first, or is that just a recommendation?” – In order to claim a benefit from your health fund for classes, you must first complete a one-on-one assessment in which the physio will assess your condition, make a diagnosis and set specific goals with you. Even if you’re not in a health fund, we need to assess you first to make sure you’re ready to start Pilates-based exercises and won’t injure yourself. It’s for your peace of mind and safety as much as it’s for our insurance requirements!
  • “What happens if I pay up front for the 8 week course and miss a week or two?” – You can take 11 weeks to complete your 8 sessions, so you’ve got 3 weeks in reserve if you can’t make it to any classes. The Pilates component of the class will be similar (but varying) from week to week, however the teaching/education component is different each week. If you miss a specific topic and want to return to do that class, you will just need to book that particular week as a one-off when it comes back around again.
  • What do I need to bring?” – A towel for yourself. Any toys, bouncer, playmat etc for your baby.

Need more info?

Give us a call on 9743 2311, or email reception@yourpinnacle.com.au with your queries, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can.