Our Physio Pilates classes are run by our highly qualified physiotherapists. Classes are designed to target the core areas of weakness and imbalance in the body, and aims to correct these weaknesses through a form of dynamic stabilisation. The aim is to retrain and recondition the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat low back pain and a range of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Similar to our Matwork Pilates classes, exercises are done on mats with limited use of equipment. This allows you to easily replicate the exercises at home between classes.

The style of Pilates taught in these classes has been developed by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI). It was developed by and specifically for physiotherapists, and has a particular focus on aiding in rehabilitation in the clinical setting, and improving strength and performance for the prevention of injuries.

How do I get started?

Prior to commencing Physio Pilates classes, an initial consultation with a physiotherapist is required. The initial consultation is necessary to assess your level of core strength, any weakness or imbalances, to check for any injuries that may affect your ability to participate and to teach your the fundamental skills required for the class. These classes are generally an intermediate level. An initial consultation costs $120 (before health fund rebate).

Physio Pilates classes fall under our 7 day free trial for all new members of The Pinnacle Studio, as long as the initial consultation has been completed and approval given to comment the class.

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