What is a functional stability class? A class for the ‘couch potato’, right through to the ‘gym junkie’. The Functional Stability classes at the Studio are run by our in-house physios designed to improve your strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. Whether it be to fine tune your deadlift, or carry a load of washing, the fundamentals covered in class will help reduce your risk of injury, increase your performance in the gym and at home.

The class incorporates elements of Pilates and core strengthening, but goes beyond this to strengthen and stabilise a range of movements and body areas using a range of small equipment.

Catering for beginners right through to more advanced participants, our Functional Stability classes will be tailored to every individual to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

These classes are also eligible for health fund rebates under your physiotherapy cover, if applicable.

How do I get started?

Prior to commencing Functional Stability classes, an initial consultation with a physiotherapist is required. The initial consultation is necessary to assess your level of core strength, any weakness or imbalances, to check for any injuries that may affect your ability to participate and to teach your the fundamental skills required for the class. These classes are generally an intermediate level. An initial consultation costs $120 (before health fund rebate).

Functional Stability classes fall under our 7 day free trial for all new members of The Pinnacle Studio, as long as the initial consultation has been completed and approval given to comment the class.

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