Pilates is an incredibly popular exercise technique, which improves core muscle stability and activation leading to greater protection for your spine. A great deal of low back pain sufferers have poor muscle function and control, and hence place greater strain on the spine and discs during normal, everyday activities. By strengthening certain muscles with Pilates and training them how and when to switch on & off, the risk of back injuries is significantly decreased and overall function, health and strength are dramatically improved.

Matwork Pilates is suitable for all people, from beginner to advanced, or from the young to the not-so-young. Classes have a maximum of 10 people so you’ll get good one-on-one attention throughout, unlike many gyms or larger venues, which often run classes for 30+ people. Pilates classes may also eligible for health fund rebates, if you’ve got the appropriate level of cover. 

Matwork Pilates classes fall under our free 7 day trial for all new members of The Pinnacle Studio.

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