By Naomi Lawson | Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

Our contented (but large….and dribbly) bub 🙂

We are so delighted to have a gorgeous, smiley, very content little 7 month old in our house at the moment. But he is MASSIVE!! Off the charts for length and weight and not looking to stop in a hurry as he’s discovered the wonderful world of solids. Unfortunately my shoulder is not enjoying his size.

Since Oliver was about 3 months old I have been experiencing left shoulder impingement (this basically means some muscles are having to work too hard and getting fatigued, some muscles aren’t working properly, and this combination results in my shoulder not functioning well and causing pain into my upper arm as well as up into my neck). This is the arm I carry with, I settle with, I reach back in the car with, so it does a lot of work.

Being a Pilates instructor pretty much up to the day he was born, I was strong through my upper back and shoulders, so why did this happen to me? Because any season of life that involves prolonged postures burdens our bodies. And for those who have, or have had young bubs, you know that there can be long periods of the day spent nursing, feeding, holding your bub, and your body fatigues from this.

It was particularly bad last week and Ian was working on it, and in my moment of frustration I thought, ‘Why can’t he fix this?!’ Isn’t this the aim of treating something? To have it fixed quickly?

But while ever I have to continue performing these duties every day it is unrealistic for me to think I could fix this problem. Does this mean I do nothing except whinge about the pain? Absolutely not! Because it is only a season. And when I come out the other side I want a shoulder that functions well again. So what does that mean for now?

It means:

  • I get regular treatment for muscle pain and joint stiffness from my chiropractor
  • I do regular strengthening and stretching of my shoulder
  • I employ my 8 year old, who is besotted with his little brother, to help carry Oliver around
  • I am baby wearing and using the pram and floor time more than I ever have before to reduce the use of my arm

Are you experiencing pain? What are you doing about it? Have you stopped seeking treatment because it hasn’t fixed the problem?

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage and Pilates and not treatments that always have to fix the problem. There are seasons when they support your body to cope as best it can, so it can function at your Pinnacle when the season ends.

So why not come in today? You never know what we may be able to offer you.