Physio Pilates

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We run two types of Pilates classes here at the clinic: Matwork Pilates and Physio Pilates. This page gives info on Physio Pilates. If you’d like to know more about Matwork Pilates, please CLICK HERE.

Our Physio Pilates classes, run by our physiotherapists, are designed at targeting the core areas of weakness and imbalance. Physio Pilates corrects these areas of weakness and imbalance through a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that reconditions the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat low back pain and a range of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Similar to our Matwork Pilates classes which run on Monday & Thursday evenings, exercises are done on mats with limited use of equipment. This allows you to easily replicate the exercises at home between classes.

The style of Pilates taught in these classes has been developed by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI). It was developed by and specifically for physiotherapists, and has a particular focus on aiding in rehabilitation in the clinical setting, and improving strength and performance for the prevention of injuries.

How do I get myself into a class?

Physio Pilates classes require an initial consultation with the physiotherapist first. During this appointment, the physio will run a thorough assessment to determine your areas of weakness or imbalance, and your general level of core strength. A specific plan to fix your condition will be formulated. Our goal is to get you into a class as soon as we can, but we need to make sure you’re up to speed to be able to handle the level of the class. The classes are generally an intermediate level.

If the physio decides that you’re not ready for a class yet, you have the option of doing some one-on-one Pilates sessions for a few weeks until you improve enough, or you can opt for a home exercise programme which will be specifically tailored for you to help get you ready for the classes. If you’ve done Pilates before, there’s a good chance you will be able to enter straight into a class. If not, you may need some extra guidance to teach you the correct positions and movements to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the classes that you possibly can. If you enter a class before being up to the correct level, you will only fall behind and lose the potential benefit you would have otherwise gained.

Class timetable (effective 12 Jan, 2018)

Click on the timetable on the left to expand. (Please note – our timetable occasionally changes with the consideration of new classes being added all the time, so if a time here doesn’t suit you please get in touch and let us know what would suit you.)

Further details & costs

  • All Physio Pilates sessions (initial one-on-one assessment, classes, one-on-one Pilates) can be claimed from your health fund as a physiotherapy consultation (or group physiotherapy session)
  • Initial consultation (60 mins): $120
  • One-on-one Pilates sessions, if required (30 mins): $90 (we can arrange two-on-one sessions if you want to do these with a friend, partner, spouse etc. Enquire for details)
  • Intermediate drop-in classes (1 hr): $30 each, or a 10 visit pass is available for $250 (ie. 10 classes for less than the price of 9), with a 13 week expiry.

For more information, please call us on (02) 9743 2311 or send us an email to reception@yourpinnacle.com.au (for logistical/administrative enquiries regarding the classes), or pat@yourpinnacle.com.au (for technical questions for the physiotherapist to answer).