Kids Yoga School Holiday Workshops

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid, we had to significantly decrease our class offerings in 2020. We’re not currently running any kids yoga school holiday workshops, however we will consider whether we may be able to run these during 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

Below are the details of Kids Yoga workshops held in the January 2020 school holidays.


Looking for school holiday activities?

Qualified kids yoga instructor Aisling McIlwain will be running a kids yoga workshop these school holidays.

Kids yoga involves basic yoga poses, moving and stretching, balancing skills, creativity, connection (with self and other peers), song & dance, yoga games, mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation, reflection & of course….lots of fun!

Our January holiday workshop will be running on Thurs Jan 16.

1) Primary aged kids

  • 9am, Thursday 16 Jan
  • $25
  • 90 mins duration with short morning tea break in the middle

2) Pre-school aged kids

  • 10:45am, Thursday 16 Jan
  • $15
  • 45 mins duration with morning tea included

Meet Aisling!

Aisling (pronounced “Ashling”) is a fully qualified kids yoga instructor, in both the pre-school and primary school aged groups. Kids yoga is a specific technique – it’s not just a matter of adapting adults yoga to smaller bodies. The classes involve a lot of fun and games as well as introducing kids to the basic concepts of yoga such as holding certain poses, learning balance, self-awareness, connection with other class mates, stretching, creativity and of course fun!

Aisling absolutely loves teaching kids yoga, including to her own 2 kids. She has been practising yoga herself for a long time, and really enjoys being able to pass this enjoyment on to kids in a fun & accessible way.


How do I book?

You can either:

What do I need to bring?

A water bottle with your child’s name on it, and loose, comfortable clothing.

Can I stay and watch while the workshop is on?

Parents or carers are welcome to stay if you (or your child) prefer, however we do recommend you try and leave your child if possible. We understand that pre-school aged kids would be less comfortable with being left, however please be aware there are space limitations in the studio so if we experience a high number of bookings, there won’t be a lot of room for parents to stay. But don’t let that stop you from booking your child in – by all means stay if you need to!

If you are happy to leave, we recommend heading down the road to visit Love Life Cafe, 78 Queen St Concord West. The lovely Adele has generously offered a free regular coffee to the parents of any of the kids attending these workshops. Vouchers will be provided when you sign your kids in for the workshop. What better way to spend your child-free time? Alternatively, you might be able to book yourself in for a quick massage at the clinic while you wait!

Will my child be 100% safe if I leave them?

Absolutely. Your child’s safety & wellbeing is our top priority. The door to the studio will be locked for the duration of the workshop, so there’s no risk of outsiders wandering in. Aisling is fully trained and experienced in teaching kids of this age, and she (and our clinic & studio) are fully insured in the very rare instance that any mishap may happen. But we know nothing will go wrong!

What’s the minimum age for the pre-school workshop?

Ideally 3 is the minimum age, however please ensure your child is able to concentrate for the whole 45 mins and wouldn’t be a distraction to the other class members. If they’re used to a pre-school environment then they should be fine with the class.

What if my child is starting school in 2020? Should they do the preschool or primary workshop?

It’s entirely up to you and your child. They can do either, it just depends which age group you think they would enjoy better. You know your child better than us. Or, if they’re really keen, they’re welcome to do both!