Article of the week:

The Head Down Generation: Musculoskeletal Symptoms and the Use of Smartphones Among Young University Students. Regiani Bueno G, Garcia LF, Marques Gomes Bertolini SM, Rodrigues Lucena TF. Telemed J E Health. 2019 Nov;25(11):1049-1056

The emergence of the smart phone over the last decade has seen a trend towards a much more device-intensive lifestyle. Not only are we spending more time on our smartphones, they are beginning to influence our health and behaviours. This is particularly evident with younger generations. Clinically, more and more patients are presenting to chiropractors and physiotherapists with posture-related neck pain that can be attributed to phone use. This trend is becoming so apparent, that we have decided to incorporate fortnightly posture seminars at Pinnacle Spine & Sports to educate our patients about the specifics of posture in the modern world.

This study, from November 2019, investigates the musculoskeletal effects of smartphone use. The results are significant to say the least:

  • Of 522 college students surveyed, 43.87% cited neck pain related to the use of their smartphone device.
  • Those who type on their phones with the head at 45° and 60° angles are about twice as likely to have higher scores of severe symptoms than those typing with their neck at 0° (anatomical position).

The study concluded that the presence of smartphone induced cervical (neck) pain was associated with:

  1. Typing position and amount of neck flexion
  2. Time of use

At Pinnacle Spine and Sports, we believe that providing our patients with the latest evidence in healthcare is an important tool in allowing all of us to find our pinnacle.

This information is further expanded upon in our posture seminars held regularly at our clinic. Contact us to find out more, or chat to your practitioner at your next visit about how we can help to improve your neck pain and overall posture.