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  • How can chiropractic help the elderly?

    By Grant Colombo | Chiropractor Ageing is a process we all experience during our lives. There are certain changes that occur to the human body as we age which can cause discomfort, frustration, and reduced functionality. These changes occur at different rates in each individual and some may be more predisposed to experiencing certain changes […]

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  • Case Summary: 65yo woman with frozen shoulder

    These case summaries are examples of real people treated here at the clinic (names changed for privacy). They are not an exhaustive study of the whole condition, merely an opportunity for you to see the sort of things that we have been able to help with in the past, and how we may be able […]

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  • Baby-induced shoulder pain in new mums!

    By Naomi Lawson | Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor We are so delighted to have a gorgeous, smiley, very content little 7 month old in our house at the moment. But he is MASSIVE!! Off the charts for length and weight and not looking to stop in a hurry as he’s discovered the wonderful world of […]

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  • Free Pilates exercises!

    Pilates is one of the fastest growing rehabilitation & strengthening techniques available today. It is targeted at strengthening and stabilising your core. A stronger core will result in fewer injuries, decreased back pain, improved strength & performance and a higher level of wellbeing. One of our Physio Pilates instructors, Melissa, has prepared 4 short videos to introduce you to the ...

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  • Do men need to do Pilates?

    Why men should do Pilates By Melissa Ramoo – Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor Can the words ‘Pilates’ and ‘men’ be used in the same sentence?  Yes! There are many reasons why men would benefit from Pilates too and today we’re going to bust 5 myths we’ve seen floating around. Myth #1: Pilates is for girls […]

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  • Headaches? It might not be what you think it is…

    Headache is the third most common chronic pain disorder of the Western world, and is an enormous healthcare burden. Many people across Australia and the world suffer from headaches on a regular basis. It is commonly debilitating in nature and can affect daily life. Headache is a symptom of a range of neurobiological disorders, including […]

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  • Pilates – what’s all the hype about?

    What’s all the hype around Pilates and is it for me? By Melissa Ramoo, Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor So you’ve seen all the hype about Pilates and it seems almost everyone is doing it. But you’re not sure if it’s for you. There are typically two types of people pondering this question: The “want to […]

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