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  • A Safe Return to Football (Soccer)

    By Jack Rogers | Chiropractor References The positive preventive effect of orthoses, proprioceptive and eccentric strength training programs on prevention of ankle, knee and hamstring injuries were reported Caraffa A, Cerulli G, Projetti M, Aisa G, Rizzo A. Prevention of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in soccer.A prospective controlled study of proprioceptive training. Knee Surg Sports [&hell...

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  • Movement During Pain – Why is it so important?

    By Jack Rogers | Chiropractor The traditional methods of rest and recovery have served us well in the past, or have they? In recent years, we in the health and medical community have come to understand the importance of maintaining activity during times of pain. There is a growing trend in current medical literature to […]

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  • COVID-19: What's the latest?

    We have fulfilled all of the requirements of the NSW Government to be recognised as a COVID-safe business (last updated Mon 1 February, 2021) It’s no secret that the COVID-19 coronavirus has rocked the world as we know it. Many of you are probably wondering whether it’s safe to come in for appointments, and what […]

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  • Videolink appointments are now live!

    The ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, whilst creating lots of forced changes to our lifestyles, is allowing us the chance to think differently about the way we offer our services. Traditionally, services such as chiro, physio and massage have been seen purely in the ‘hands-on’ category. Naturally, this still remains the best approach to patient care, however […]

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  • Text-Neck: Smartphone Use and Neck Pain

    Article of the week: The Head Down Generation: Musculoskeletal Symptoms and the Use of Smartphones Among Young University Students. Regiani Bueno G, Garcia LF, Marques Gomes Bertolini SM, Rodrigues Lucena TF. Telemed J E Health. 2019 Nov;25(11):1049-1056 The emergence of the smart phone over the last decade has seen a trend towards a much more […]

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  • Could your elbow pain be tennis elbow?

    Here’s an interesting fact (though probably not that surprising) – you don’t need to be a tennis player to get tennis elbow! In fact, most people with tennis elbow haven’t swung a racquet in years. The technical definition of tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis (inflammation of the lateral epicondyle – a part of the elbow […]

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  • What is the cause of my low back pain?

    By Jack Rogers | BChiroSc, MChiroprac If there’s one question we hear on a daily basis, this is it. The conundrum of low back pain is one that has plagued doctors of all types for centuries – just what is going on with low back pain? Consider this staggering statistic – chronic pain (including low […]

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